• Adam Tilton

Whoop 4.0: Review

I recently tried the Whoop 4.0 and was disappointed. The biggest issue for me was comfort. It’s bulky and uncomfortable to wear, especially during sleep, and especially when compared to my Oura ring.

A few other observations:

  • It weighs 40 grams less than an Apple Watch with about the same stack height, but it feels about the same.

  • …unless the charger is attached (the charger is an attachable battery to “charge on the go”). When assembled this way the stack height is now twice the Apple Watch, and this extra height results in an annoying amount of inertia. Maybe I’d get used to it, but I kept wanting to take it off while typing. The attachable charger is ambitious, but rubbish.

  • The band is fabric, so every time you wash your hands it gets wet, which could be upwards of 20 times per day. When wet, the band expands on your wrist just enough to let the device wiggle around.

  • More than once the device got caught on my blankets while I was sleeping and woke me up.

  • And all of this for what? I found it impossible to make any sense out of the app, but I couldn’t really evaluate it because I was unwilling to commit to wearing it.

I can’t imagine the value I will get from this will be worth the frustration of having an almost always wet piece of fabric on my wrist. My rating for this device is a 1. I boxed it up after a week of use and sent it back.

The Rating

I devised a 1 - 5 rating system for the wearables products I’m currently using. They are categorical, i.e. there is no 3.5 rating.

1: This device is bad and I don’t recommend anyone use it.

2: This device does not satisfy its primary purpose.

3: The device does what it says on the box.

4: The device provides more than I was expecting.

5: This device will literally change your fucking life.