• Adam Tilton

Intentions for 2022

These are my intentions for 2022:

  1. Be grateful for what I’ve achieved in life. I’m hard on myself, but life is quite good.

  2. Eat healthy, sleep consistently, exercise regularly, and avoid alcohol.

  3. Be calm. Spend more time at peace with your thoughts.

  4. Love my family. Spend time with them. Be present.

Also, one big change. Yesterday was the last day I will consume alcohol. I’ve removed alcohol for periods of time before, and I’m motivated by the positive impact it will have on my physical and mental health.

I’m breaking up with you, booze. I’m sorry, @EyrieVineyards, @bethelheights, @brookswinery, @LeftHandBrewing, @WillettWhiskey, @eaglerarelife, and @pappyvanwinkle. It’s not you, it’s me.

Here’s the value I expect from this decision:

  • Better sleep

  • Consistent exercise

  • Increased energy and positivity

  • $2,000 saved per month

My metric for success is to consume alcohol on 0 of 365 days with a 5.5% margin of error.

On special occasions I might celebrate with a single glass of Champagne. Those days could include Valentine’s Day, the birth of my third son, my other boys’ birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day, My wife’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve.

The easiest part of my decision will be not drinking at home. The hardest part of my decisions will be not drinking in social situations. I have a lot of friendships that revolve around alcohol, and business often happens over dinner and drinks.

My strategy for social situations is to default to club soda. When questioned about my avoidance, my response will be “I want to live forever”. More on that later.

To create excitement and something to look forward to on weekends, I have purchased a 2012 Porsche GTS with a manual transmission. I plan to drive the wheels off of it at the Portland International Raceway.

As I look back on 2021 I’m most grateful for:

  1. My Family. Simonida is incredible and the boys are so much fun to spend time with.

  2. My commitment to progress. Happiness is a derivative of progress, and hard work is acceleration. More hard work -> More change -> More happiness.

  3. My health and my healthy habits. Eating healthy, sleeping well, exercising regularly and avoiding alcohol.

  4. My work. I love what I do and I’m good at it.